Is your intuition telling you that something isn’t right with your child even though professionals have told you otherwise?

DSC_0375Are you a parent who has a child with mysterious symptoms and you’re concerned they might manifest into ADHD or autism in the future?

Or are you a parent  that has a child that has autoimmune disease, ADHD, developmental/speech delays, is constantly sick, has asthma, or has mild to moderate autism and YOU feel helpless, scared, and confused by all the information on the web?


Or do you feel like you aren’t getting answers and aren’t being heard by professionals?

If so then you’re in the right place

Before I healed my daughters, I felt that I had tried everything else and was wary of “another person” telling me to try something new.

I felt like I was getting little bits and pieces of the puzzle, but not the big picture.

This was the turning point for my family, and when I started looking for the ROOT CAUSE of my daughters’ mysterious symptoms.

But here’s the thing… The SAME ROOT CAUSES can manifest in different ways in the body.

One kid may have mysterious symptoms (like my daughter) and another may have an autoimmune disease, autism or is always sick.

It’s obvious that we need to help children who have been diagnosed with a specific health or developmental challenge.

But we also need to help kids whose parents know that something just isn’t right, but they don’t fit into a diagnosis. That’s what I’m here to do.

If you are not satisfied with the answers that you have received regarding your child’s health then you need to listen deeply and profoundly to your instincts as a parent.

If you feel that something isn’t right with your child, then it’s time to get help. Let’s get started.

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